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Bitcoin Uncensored

Jun 16, 2017

Video Version Here: Who is Eileen Ormsby and how did she become an authority on Silk Road and its history? We get the elusive author onto the show to talk about the fascinating history, epic drama, and historical relevance of the world's first drugs by mail online service. In part one of this two part series, we talk about silk road's past, how crypto currencies and tor got it off the ground. What are the demographics? What were the rules - were guns allowed? How did people discover the market and why did Chuck Schumer advertise it? Most importantly, what's the narrative, and will the Cohen Brothers get the movie right? In Part two of this excellent interview with Silk Road and Dark Net Historian Eileen Ormsby, we talk about the future of the dark net. What's the deal with Russia and Alphabay? When Will Ross Ulbright Get out of jail and how will drug legalization proceed from here. In this second part of our interview, we talk about what's next for Eileen, and the sinister parts of Bitcoin: Hitmen, Besa Mafia, and even Child Porn.