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Bitcoin Uncensored

Jan 10, 2017

After getting reports of andrew going through telegram channels, scoping out newbs to fund ponzis - I reached out to Andrew. What follows is a talk about the nature of HYIP, and meta cognition of Bitcoin Scammers.

Jan 7, 2017

Donate to the Jose Yaquinta children of Venezuela Scam Here: 1Ez5rF8kMr5sn8TMjqLUA3E45yEcxnBfTJ This week, We kick it off from our yacht with talk of the price action (Hey it was at the very top at the time of this recording, we're allowed to scam ourselves too) Purse plug, Discussion on Niagra Falls, Chrismas Gainz,...

Jan 3, 2017

After getting a tip off from a BU listener (thank-you, you know who you are) I engaged in discussion on YouTube that quickly migrated to a phone call. Tommy believes in The Secret, cryptocurrencies, and well, listen to the interview to see where his market analysis takes us....