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Bitcoin Uncensored

Aug 30, 2015

Secondary market for hat stickers, Open Assets vs Counterparty, Asset Squatting, fungibility, what is a fork? The shame of Bitcoining, The halving of Lite. Bitcoinica, Symbiont announcements, and... Poker.

Aug 22, 2015

This week's highlights include: Podcast Advertising, Factom update, hardware wallets, fungibility, inflation, ledger,

Aug 16, 2015

SALVATION, David Johnston the fake VC, Adam Levine, NFL2Go, and Factom

Aug 10, 2015

Josh and Chris Disucuss Ethereum, Factom, and Fungibility alongside the usual events of the week in the channel. This is a first post of the uncensored version, so let's see if people like this format! The rest of the show is available here: